Mercury Rising Fall/Winter Run Program.

In the past the Mercury run sessions have been a track session on Tuesdays and a hill session on Thursdays, with most of the runners augmenting their plans as they saw fit or as their coaches helped them determine.
But I’ve always been a bit frustrated by this and this year we’re going to try something a little different.
We’re going to target January 31 as our RACE DAY and, for those interested, follow a plan that will take us to that day fit and ready to run fast!
The Tuesday track session and the Thursday will largely go as planned but this year there will be “flex” to better accommodate an actual structured plan!

This program will run to January 31 2020 culminating in a race effort of your choice ranging from 5K to 1/2 Marathon.

Official Start will be the week of October 5th But consultation and communication will begin upon sign-up.

The cost of the program will be $119 for the entire season and will include:

  • Program delivered through a team account on Final Surge.

  • Coached sessions on Tuesday and Thursday

  • Review of goals

  • Regular review of progress

  • No limit communication during period

  • Inclusion in Virtual or In-person race effort on January 31

  • The remainder of the run program through to the the end of August

A Stand Alone On-Line version of the program is also available for those out-of-towners and folks who can’t make the in-person sessions.